Committee members meetings and their comments

Supervision meetings
Title Date Summery
Acceptance committee members meeting April of 2011 1- Prof. Hasmiah was selected as the main supervisor.
2- Committee members signed the related form.
3- Proposed topic :ICT and development with system approach.
4- Offering pre proposal draft was suggested by the committee.
Meetings with Prof. Hasmiah Kasimin and her comments
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Pre proposal meeting
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6 Jun 2011 1- Outlining the proposal
2- Choosing soft system and system dynamic for methodology
3- Discussion: " Why this method instead of conventional method"?
4- Preparing the first paper about contribution of system approach to growth.
5- Preparing summery and graphic version for some part of proposal.
1st draft of proposal meeting
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23 Jun  2011 1- According to conceptual framework, I have to focus on Economic, social and environment theory in literature study.
2- Comparing SSM, SD, SSDM and their contribution to my research.
3- Reviewing references to develop context model in SSDM.
4- Creating a Gun chart and schedule time of research.
5- Critical analyses on ICT and system approach.
Methodology meeting (1)
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26 September 2011 The whole idea about the new methodology is acceptable and should do:
1- Explain the existing approach of mixing SD and SSM;
2- Explain the strange and limitation of SD and SSM;
3- Propose  deferent approach of mixing SD and SSM;
4- Justify your purpose approach and discuss how SD and SSM complete each other;
5- further reference.  
Methodology meeting (2)
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4 October 2011 1- Creating a table for for comparison of 3 methods steps in conceptual and real world.
2- 3 contributions of this research should be:
- Methodology development
- Model development in topic
- Solutions on the problems
Methodology meeting (3)
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15 February 2012 Three discussions:
1- Comparison between rich picture with problem conceptual model can be conducted based on literature review, expert panel of committee members, standard and valid development index, previous works and so on.
2- For The structure of methodology chapter, the idea of the methodologies comparison based on soft side and hard side of system thinking is confirmed.
3- It is assigned that an alternative case study (Malaysia) might be considered.
The framework  of proposal and outlining meeting
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13 March 2012 1- Importance of the detailing the step of simulating model and sensitive analysis.
2- A draft of outline for chapter one and two.
Methodology meeting (4)
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5 September 2012 Discussion about the methodology chapter and how to combine two methodologies (SSM & SD)
Methodology meeting (5)
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5 November 2012  
Meetings with Prof. Madelin Berma  and her comments
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Meetings with Prof. Hasnh Ali and her comments
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