Personal details: 
• Full Name: Mohammad Haghshenas

• Birth Date: March 21, 1966

• Address: unit 1 middle, N.13, Ramin dead end, Gorgestani alley, Mina alley, Niavaran St., Tehran, Iran
                    Faculty of Economics and Business, University Kabangsan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Bangi), Malaysia 

• Phone: (Tehran) +982126151264;

• Cell phone: (Tehran) +989197079067 ; (Kuala Lumpur) +60142251910;

• Email: ;;;

• Web:
PhD Candidate in Economics (Fields and research area: Media Economics, ICT's contribution to Development, System Dynamics, Soft System Methodology, Development, Economics Programs) since Sep. of 2010, Faculty of Economics and Management,National University of Malaysia (UKM),43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia

• MA. In Economic Systems Programming- System Dynamics, Feb.15, 1999 - Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran

• BA. In Economics- Theoretical Economics, Sept.10,1994 - Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran

• Diploma, High School, sep.1984 - Shahid Nafisi High School, Tehran
Work Experiences: 
• Internet Service Providing ( Behbod Ertebat Sabz ISP), 1997-2000, Tehran;

Project Management of Website Designing :,1992;,1993; http://,1995;,1997;

• Website manager,, since 1993;

• TV Programming, IRIB, 1992- 1995;

• Member of IRIB Strategic Planning team, 2000 - 2010;

• System Expert, IRIB, since 1996.
Management experiences:   
• IRIB, Director of Coordinating Plan, Supervision and Performance of Planning as from Sept. 29,1998-1999

• IRIB, Director of Standards and Rates of Planning as from June 28, 1999- 2002

• IRIB, Director of Annual Planning of IRIB, Dec. 8, 2002-2005

• IRIB, Director General of Annual Plans, Dec. 24,2005- 2010

• IRIB, Manager of International Media (Head of Sales & Co-production, IRIB MEDIA TRADE), since May. 30, 2015
Publications and papers: 
• Information and Communication Technology, and Economic Growth in Iran: Causality Analysis, Economics Journal of Malaysia, 47, 2013.

• Applying System Thinking to Model Socioeconomic Complexity and Dynamic for Economic Development Planning, POGRES 2012, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, National University of Malaysi.

• Translation of Future of Media, Report July 2008, (available at: http:// future exploration .net) into Persian language published in Ofogh Resaneh (internal monthly magazine of IRIB), Vol.81, spring 2009.

• Translation of Media Economic, A media theoretical Approach into Persian language published in Payam Pajohesh (news and information monthly review of IRIB), Vol.91, April 2009.

• Performance Budgeting and the Need for its Establishment in Public Media. Interviewed by Ofogh Resaneh (internal monthly magazine of IRIB), Vol.76&77, Oct. & Nov. 2008.

• Performance budgeting in IRIB (Persian article). Presented in 'Budgeting and Planning Seminar' held by IRIB, Feb. 2008, Bandarabas, Iran.

• Planning Process in IRIB (Persian article). Presented in 'Budgeting and Planning Seminar' held by IRIB, Feb. 2007, Bandarabas, Iran. 
• System Thinking, System Dynamics with Vensim Software, 2015, Sharif University

• Application of System Dynamics in Economics, 2014, National University of Malaysia;

• Research Tools, 2012, National University of Malaysia;

Media Management (Tehran University, January 2010,  Tehran, Iran)

 • Leadership and Management Theory  (Tehran University,  January 2010,  Tehran, Iran)

Research Method in Management (Tehran University, January 2010,  Tehran, Iran)

Advanced Organization Behavior (Tehran University, December 2009,  Tehran, Iran)

Research Methodology in Management (Tehran University, December 2009,  Tehran, Iran)

• Mastering The Strategy Management System ( Hosted Jointly by: Westminster Business School & NAB Consulting Group, 9 June 2009, Tehran, Iran)

• The 7th International  Conference of Management (28-30 Dec 2009, Tehran, Iran)

• The Third International Performance Budgeting Conference (7-8 May 2008, Tehran, Iran)

• Educational Workshop of Performance Budgeting (27- 31 Oct. 2008, Tehran, Iran)

• SGS-ICS : Internal Auditor Training Course ( 7- 10 Nov.1999, Tehran, Iran)

Other information: 

•  My favorite study field is Media Economics and Business by applying System Dynamics methodology.

• I am playing tennis as my favorite sport